Plop Star has been a journey 3 1/2 years in the making and I could not be more excited about our product or mission. Like most of us, I was never comfortable going #2 unless I was in the comfort of my own home because of the odor I might leave behind. I figured there had to be a product out there that was actually portable and easy to take with me, but couldn't find any on the market. That's why I invented Plop Star. The world's most discreet bathroom deodorizer.

I started off on this journey with my mind set on creating a liquid toilet deodorizer spray. I had a great R & D team, but after a year of beta testing, we weren't 100% happy with the final results. I found aerosols and toilet sprays would not completely cover bathroom smells, and leave your bathroom smelling almost worse than doing anything at all. We needed to figure out a better mouse trap.

My young daughter loves bath bombs, and one night when we threw one into her bathwater,  I had my 'ah ha' moment. We decided that we should pursue creating a bathroom deodorizer in a portable tablet form. After another year and a half of formulating, testing, reformulating and tweaking 37 times, we knew we had found the 'holy grail' for toilet deodorizers. It took another year to get the name and branding, but it's been well worth it. I hope our journey will help others eliminate their bathroom fears, and rock the toilet bowl with confidence. Anywhere, anytime!

Rock On,
Tyler, Founder & Plop Star